There’s a sense of wonder that comes from putting on grandma’s jewelry, cooking and eating with mom’s old cutlery, or wearing dad’s letter jacket. I started Weather & Story to design products for the modern woman that would one day spark that same sense of wonder.

I apprenticed under a local leatherworker to learn the time-honored traditions and methods of working with leather and found a real connection to the creative space of design and craft.

In 2016, Weather & Story got its start in my tiny bedroom on the east side of Austin, Texas. Each product is crafted to add beauty and functionality to everyday life while providing you with the kind of quality good that can become an heirloom all its own.

The name, Weather & Story, is inspired by the storms our products are built to weather and the stories they’re designed to carry. We use ethically sourced, 100% full-grain leather and age-old methods to craft timeless pieces that will withstand years of life. 

We hope they encourage you to remember the importance of your story and inspire you to engage with the stories of those around you.

Thanks for joining the story. I’m honored that you’re here.

Lainey Wright, Founder | Crafter