We are proud to say all of our products are made using only full grain leather. so what is it?  
  • Full grain leather refers to the full hide, meaning all layers and fibers are intact, keeping its full strength, integrity and durability. 
  • The top layer has not been sanded, altered, or weakened in any way.
  • There is a richness, character and depth unique to each hide that can only be found in full grain leather.

Simply put, full grain is the strongest, most durable leather available. It carries unique markings and character, making each product we create truly one of a kind. 

If it's not full grain, what is it?

The two most common alternatives to full grain are top grain and "genuine" leather.
  • Top grain, or corrected grain, refers to a hide that has had the top layer altered in some way, often sanded down to hide imperfections. These alterations weaken the hide as well as limit the unique character, depth and richness.
  • Genuine leather is the term for anything that is technically leather. Most often it is made up of remnants and scraps the have been bonded back together with adhesives and synthetic materials. Despite its name, genuine is the most inferior leather product available. Think twice before you invest in a piece touting the "genuine leather" label! 

To sum it up, if you're looking for a product that will last long, stay strong and have that unique richness and character we all love, full grain is the way to go. Every time. 

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Lainey Wright