There’s nothing like welcoming a new leather bag into your life. A companion that will share adventures, weather storms, and carry stories. A future heirloom to be passed from generation to generation. 

Thankfully, leather is a mostly low maintenance material. High quality, full grain leather requires minimal care to look, feel, and perform well for years to come. With just a few practices (and some of our favorite products), your goods can quite literally last several lifetimes. Follow the tips below for a happy, healthy leather bag and find links to our favorite care products. 

Cleaning Your Leather Bag

To prevent dust build up, we recommend lightly cleaning your bag anywhere from once a week to once a month. Using a dry or slightly damp cloth, wipe down your bag using a circular motion. Allow to dry fully before use. 

A few times a year, you’ll want to perform a more thorough cleaning using your favorite leather cleaner. This step is your best bet to remove dirt build up, stains, and spots. Simply massage the cleaner into your bag using a clean cloth and circular motion. Do not saturate — use only the amount of cleaner that is naturally absorbed by the leather. Wipe off any excess and allow the leather to dry. Follow with conditioner.

Conditioning Your Leather Bag

After cleaning the leather and letting it dry, apply the conditioning product with a clean cloth in a circular motion. Apply evenly using as many coats as the leather will absorb without oversaturating. Allow leather to dry. Once dry, buff off any excess residue and leave overnight.  


A few things to note:

  • Be sure to always test a new product in a discreet location on your bag before using.

  • Remember that a deep clean will displace the leather’s natural oils and may cause your item to dry out. Always follow with a leather conditioning product to restore oils and add moisture. 

  • We recommend deep cleaning and conditioning 2-4 times a year with average use and exposure to elements. Adjust accordingly based on your habits and usage. 

Care products we recommend:

Implement these simple care practices and keep your favorite leather goods looking and feeling great. 

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Lainey Wright